About Stefan Adelipour

"Each and every day we pray that we will wake up to find that the last few months of our lives have been but a horrific nightmare. unfortunately, the reality of our loss becomes harshly apparent every single morning and every single minute of the day.

Stefan had every thing to live for; how ever his life was cut short right before his graduation from Boston university as a result of a deadly fire in the middle of the night on February 24th, leaving us all unable to bear the loss of such a young , kind, ambitious, caring and beautiful soul.

What remains are the wonderful memories of a young man of compassion and immense character, and the beautiful soul that encompasses our every day lives. We shall strive to maintain his name in good stead, and in doing so, we have established the "Stefan Adelipour for life foundation"

The purpose of which is to provide healing and salvation for the lives of those less fortunate, in the same manner as his last act on earth that saved the life of his roommate.

If you would like to donate to his foundation, you can do so through on our website by clicking here.

The money from this foundation will help hospitals, orphanages, schools and scholarships and simply who ever is in need of help.

Stefan was a very ambitious young man. He knew what and where he wanted to be in years to come. He will not be able to accomplish any his dreams, but, hopefully with his foundation his name can still live on and make a difference.

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